On this page you will find products that I am passionate about. Many people ask for more information and where can I buy this or that.  Well, here it is….


If you haven’t heard of this revolutionary accessory to the throne, then it is quite possible that you may be living in a void. To have a good laugh, I also suggest watching the rainbow pooping unicorn in their promo commercial.


A more stylish version of the original Squatty Potty.


Searching high and low for a magnesium that won’t leave you running to the bathroom? This time released magnesium, I personally give two thumbs up!! It also has the  necessary co-factors for maximum absorption.


Electrolytes are necessary for all humans! But to find one that gives you enough of what we need without the added sugars, dyes or artificial sweeteners has been a challenge for me. Until now!


Who does’t love Tiger Balm?


To enable you to follow through with those calf stretches that I keep telling you about.


Were you aware that magnesium performs over 300 functions between the brain and your body? All the more reason to not be lacking in this very important mineral.


This DVD has been essential for putting and keeping me on the track to being aligned and feeling well.


Another tool that my family and I have benefited from.


This arnica massage oil, is one of my favorite to use for muscle pain and trauma. Arnica has been one of my favorite additions to my massage practice and to my home.


The simple answer to muscle pain. Unscented and Paraben free.


Did you know that taking Arnica Montana orally can aid in healing and rejuvenation?


This form of magnesium is great for adding to a full body soak or a foot bath.
Are you open to natural forms of health and wellness? Would you like to know more?
Feel free to message me for more information about any of the products that are featured here in my favorites.